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Physiology & Pathology Lab

Physiology is the study of human body function and Pathology the study of Disease organs. Both are basic medical subjects of the course. Engaging practical with theory lectures in these subjects allows acknowledgement of normal and abnormal bodily functions with an understanding of subsequent ramifications known as clinical features. The labs have facilities for Hematological examination, Biochemical profiling and Biological assessment and have a computerized pulmonary function testing apart from visual and digital learning aids.

Anatomy Lab

Anatomy is the study of human structure, is the heart and core of the course. A thorough knowledge in the subject enables the students to appreciate how the movements are performed and the structures involved in the process. The institute has fully equipped anatomy lab, not only to meet the requirement of the curriculum but to make the students equipped with detailed understanding of the basic subject and to lay strong foundation in order to deal with the subsequent mile stones with ease along the course. The lab has facilities for cadaver dissection, human skeletons, real specimens of human organs and display of relevant charts and diagrams, educational or interactive CD-ROMs of various topics for focused learning.

Computer Lab

Computers and Internet are fast emerging as an asset to the overall learning and developmental process in all sectors of healthcare. Modern physiotherapy education acknowledges the importance of information technology by awarding it a special subject status in its curriculum. The computer lab of the Institute is air conditioned with a set up of 5 computers with internet broadband facility with freedom of access to students as per their convenience. The computers are loaded with statistical software to be perused by those indulging in research and related activities.

Sports Physiotherapy Lab

Sports Physiotherapy introduces students to the motor control functions that athletes rely on to perform various sports activities. They learn to perform kinesiological analysis of upper- and lower-body sports movements, such as pitching, running, and climbing. Issues that affect balance and equilibrium are also covered.

Ortho Physiotherapy Lab

The program offers to eligible candidates both theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to become expert physiotherapists. The curriculum has been designed to develop in candidates critical thinking abilities needed for case studies and clinical practices in the discipline’s practice. Unlike the traditional branches of medicine, physiotherapy doesn’t rely extensively on the use of drugs and medicine. Instead, it relies on the use of physical treatment to improve health.

Electro Diagnostic Lab