Message of The President


Mr. Punam Suri (President)

Our efforts as human beings, be that on a daily basis or on a life-long basis, are directed towards obtaining results.Those results, however, need to be recognised in order to turn them into achievements. And such recognition comes from award,which serve to symbolise excellence. They acknowledge meeting of some of the highest standards in quality and output. They signify that the concerned recipient has outdone others to produce something which is either better than the rest or simply unparallelled and unprecedented. They make the world sit up and take notice of those who are breaking records, myths, stereotypes and most of all, human limitations. Awards also denote several emotions - of pride, joy and motivation, of social honour, respect and heightened prestige. That one trophy or a framed certificate is not just important for the concerned individual or organisation, it is also important for the family and the loved ones, for the respective nation and its entire citizenry. Our chests swell with pride when one of the Indians clinches a Gold Medal at the Olympics or wins a Nobel Prize. When the tricolour unfurls at an international stadium forming a backdrop to the highest step on the winners'pedestal, the feeling is inexplicable. That award then just does not represent the player, it represents the encouragement and support she/he got from her/his country, the trust that millions reposed in her/him and the excellence that breeds within that country's borders. In this regard, I wish to congratulate our alumnus, Neeraj Chopra on winning the Arjuna Award recently and hope he will continue to break records and perform outstandingly in Javelin Throw. Neeraj is an apt epitome of excellence in his chosen area and will surely inspire numerous players and students. Similarly, for an actor receiving a National Award or an Oscar; for a writer, perhaps a Sahitya Akademi Award or a Booker Prize; or even for a school student, being awarded for best in debating, in a particular subject or for all-round development, serves as a motivation to excel. Also, let us not mistake excellence for only areas, such as academics, sports or arts. As human beings we need to excel in exhibiting enormous courage, like our soldiers do at the borders or those social activists, who fight the dark side of society to rescue children, women and other vulnerable groups from harm. While children as young as ten are today founders of companies, there are others who are bravely facing threats and dangers in conservative societies to promote girls' education, protesting against lack of efforts on climate change and making efforts to make the world a better place. We also need to excel in kindness, in compassion and in being excellent 'humans'. Excellence is not an acquired trait; it is 'achieved' through imbibing certain qualities, consistent efforts, right guidance and a brave spirit. To excel is to live one's life to the fullest. And I hope you intend on doing just that. So go ahead and soar. Do not just exist, excel at what you do, and at what you are! And life will certainly reward you.