Vision & Mission


Working within the framework of Arya Samaj, the institute vision is to "Provide community with competent, comprehensive Physiotherapy Professionals and affordable Holistic Rehabilitation services."


To excel as an Institute of the millennium that is intellectually stimulating, technologically superior and research centered institute which will be sensitive to the ever changing needs in rehabilitation sciences to produce physiotherapy professionals of global standards possessing clinical competencies, skills and attitudes inherent to serve all humanity along ethical and legal principles established and exported by profession, community and government agencies.


1). Provide quality ambience for holistic Rehabilitation services, Research and overall development of the students.
2). Prepare competent Physiotherapists through valuable teaching.
3). To inculcate in the students and faculty the concept of continuous up gradation of the skills.
4). To make the students socially responsible.
5). To promote Evidence based research in physiotherapy and their incorporation in community.
6). To provide holistic rehabilitation services on affordable charges to the community.
7). Develop new and better interventions that incorporate the diverse needs and circumstances of people with disability.
7). Chart out disability trajectories to determined when, where, and how to intervene for rehabilitation.
8). To sensitize and strengthen the relationship with community for better impact of the services provided by institute.